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by Tom Shakespeare
London, New York
viii, 232 p.
978-0-415-34719-8 ; 0-415-34719-X
  • Equality
  • EQU 15 Equality / Disabled, EQU 15.3 Equality / Disabled / General Literature, EQU 15.3 Equality / Disabled / General Literature
Inventory No. LIB 1734 1
EQU 15.3 SHA.2006
Discrimination on ground of disability , Disabled person .
Bringing together Tom Shakespeare's innovative work from over the past ten years, Disability Rights and Wrongs presents an analysis of the key issues in disability studies. Providing an original approach to the definition of disability, it examines issues such as biological and social factors, the challenge to medicine and genetics, rhetoric and empowerment. Shakespeare re-examines care, charity and independent living, making an argument for the importance of intimacy and solidarity in disabled peoples lives. Accessible, stimulating and provocative, this text is a welcome addition to the current literature on disability and disability politics.
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