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FRA Publications

ed. by Yusuf Bangura
Palgrave Macmillan
368 p.
Ethnicity, inequality and public sector governance series
  • Equality
  • EQU 05.3 Equality / Integration / Diversity / General Literature
Inventory No. LIB 1594 1
EQU 05.3 ETH.2006
Ethnicity , Public administration , Institutional / structural discrimination , Cultural difference .
The contributors discuss the links between ethnicity, inequality and governance. Their findings suggest that it is not the existence of diversity per se, but types of diversity that explain potentials for conflict or cohesion in multiethnic societies. Relative equality has been achieved in the public sectors of countries that are highly fragmented or those with ethnicity-sensitive policies, but not in those with ethnicity-blind policies. The book is critical of approaches to conflict management that underplay background conditions in shaping choices.
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