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Case Law

2nd district court in the city of Vilnius
Legal provision National law (including criminal law)
Area Crime, Freedom, justice and security
Form of Discrimination Instruction to discriminate / incitement to discrimination, Direct discrimination
Grounds of discrimination Discrimination on ground of racial or ethnic origin
Topic Discrimination by private parties, Hate speech
Roma, Sinti, Gypsies and Travellers , Lithuania , Discrimination on ground of racial or ethnic origin .
Key facts of the case:

A group of youths marching in the main street of Vilnius shouted various slogans expressing racial hatred such as ‘Juden – raus’, ‘Lithuania is beautiful without Russians’, ‘Lithuania for Lithuanians’.

Main reasoning/argumentation:

During the pre-trial investigation, the suspect pleaded guilty and expressed regret. The filmed material of the event and evidence of policemen who observed the march confirmed the acts of the offender.

Key issues (concepts, interpretations) clarified by the case:

The case was based on Art. 170 of the Criminal Code, i.e., incitement of hatred against national, racial, ethnic, religious or other groups of residents.

Results (sanctions) and key consequences or implications of the case:

The offender was found guilty of committing a criminal act according to Art. 170 of the Criminal Code and ordered to pay a fine of 1,300 LT (376.81 EUR).